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Boulder, CO 80303


Founder, Jordan, moved out to Colorado after wrapping up 6 years of research, in search of something new.


Initially he had no house, job, or real plan. While living out of his car he was awed by Colorado's wondrous landscapes, mountains, and people. Since then he has spent the majority of his time hiking and backpacking throughout Colorado, while helping those experiencing mental health issues at a local psychiatric hospital.

These collaborative experiences are what inspired him to create Cairn Outdoor Guides. With hopes to provide opportunities for individuals to learn some of the fundamentals of outdoor activities, while inspiring others to continue to pursue and experience unforgettable moments in the wilderness.


Cairn Guides are local outdoor experts that optimize the benefits of getting outdoors with the hopes of getting you hooked on the outdoors. This is primarily done by making the planning process seamless, allowing you to safely explore a new or unfamiliar place, and receive expert knowledge around the area and activity. Additionally, by exploring with a local you get to explore places you might otherwise not know about and can get tips on other local attractions along the way.


Our mission is to make access to outdoor activities easily accessible and affordable for our clients to develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. This is done  by simply getting outside, which produces a myriad of effects like promoting mental and physical health and increasing environmental knowledge, with the overarching goal of increasing the nation's engagement with the Great Outdoors. We hope that during an experience with Cairn Outdoor Guides you learn more about safety, common practices, preparation, fun tips, and ultimately how to make the most out of your future adventures.

We try to take make approaching outdoor activities as comfortable as possible and we expect after a guided experience with us, you will feel more confident in your own abilities and driven to pursue adventures for years to come.  


Guided experiences are also meant to build lasting impressions and relationships between the clients, outdoors, and those of us at Cairn Outdoor Guides. So if you enjoyed your experience with us, we always welcome you and your friends back, with hopes that you have a few stories to tell about adventures you've been on since your last experience.

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