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Want to Become a Guide?

Interested in becoming a Cairn Guide?

Message us letting us know what activity you're interested in guiding, what area, your experience, and if you currently hold insurance and permits to guide in this area. We are trying to have Cairn Guides all over the United States, so message us and we'll get back to you soon!

What is a Cairn Guide?

Cairn Guides are people that are knowledgeable of various outdoor activities in their community. This could include hiking, trail running, outdoor yoga, rock climbing, SUP, nature photography, or some other outdoor activity.


We expect guides to give a personalized touch to every adventure by crafting adventures for the client, like individualized treatment in healthcare.

We want people that adventure with a Cairn guide to leave with more knowledge, confidence, and understanding around the outdoors. The ultimate goal is to get more people outside to live a healthier life, do their part in taking care of the environment, and develop a more knowledgeable nation around outdoor recreation.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you're considering becoming a Cairn Guide!

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