Frequenty Asked Questions

What are Cairn Guides?

Cairn Guides are outdoor guides that provide caring and educational guide services to those who want to engage in outdoor activities. Cairn Guides are also experts in the area they are located and individualize adventures for participants to make them as personal and memorable as possible.

How do I get in touch with a guide?

We welcome any and all questions, so call or message us to get in contact with one of our guides found on the different activities pages. Having an idea of what you want to see/experience is helpful for developing your adventure, but reaching out is the best first step.

What types of guide services do you provide?

Outdoor yoga, cycling, backpacking, hiking, and trail running. Many of our guides offer multiple activities, so feel free to ask.

What's the difference between this company and other guide services elsewhere?

Cairn guides main goal is to optimize the many benefits of spending time outdoors, emphasizing those involving mental health. This is partially achieved by curating adventures based on what client's want to see and are capable of, rather than using the same "canned" trip again and again. Additionally, it's meant to feel that you are a participant in this adventure and not just along for the ride. As if you linked up with a friend in the area and are going for an adventure! Simply put: Explore more. Stress Less. Cairn Guides are also not only specialists for particular outdoor activities, but are also full of local knowledge, so if you're looking for other things to do or places to go, make the most of your experience and inquire with one of our guides.

What if I'm interested in an activity, but it isn't listed on the website?

Contact us! The guide industry can be overwhelming and hard to understand, but we know many other folks in the area, so give us a call or e-mail and we can help put you in touch with other guide services we recommend.

Where do we meet the guide?

You and the guide should meet in an agreed upon location. We do adventures all throughout Colorado, so let us know where you are and we'll customize your adventures for that area.

Why book with a guide, not an experience?

We are trying to change how the world explores nature by improving the planning and booking process. This is done by you directly contacting a guide and they take it from there. This ensures: - Seamless booking process - Guides develop perfect adventure for you - An engaging planning process - You spend more time outside, less planning We encourage you to message a guides and let them know what you're looking for such as duration, mileage, concerns, or what you're hoping to see or experience.