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To improve public health and preserve the environment through customizable guided outdoor activities.

Increase engagement in and accessibility to outdoor activities by those underrepresented in the outdoor community.


A world where you can see the preservation of yourself and the world through nature, and where nature is recognized as a resource prescribed by healthcare providers to promote public health.


A global community of compassionate people that promotes the growth of environmental stewards and where all value and protect nature while recreating.


Being a resource that empowers participation and builds the scaffolding for others to feel equipped to bring sustainability into everyday lifestyles.

1. Public Health - Time spent exercising in nature produces a myriad of effects like improving mental and physical health, increased confidence, and an opportunity to connect with others and their environment. Cairn Guides individualize each experience to augment these effects and increase the likelihood that you’ll engage in outdoor activities for years to come by developing positive relationships with nature. ​

2. Environment - Whether local or visiting, it is our collective responsibility to help preserve and protect these beautiful spaces for others to enjoy and benefit from. By providing education on responsible recreation, forming positive experiences with nature, and connecting you to natural spaces, Cairn Guides help create meaningful relationships with nature that will span for generations.


These bonds are not limited to the places you visit, they cultivate the naturalist in all of us to prepare you to care for nature wherever you go. Cairn Guides help you build a foundation on how to recreate responsibly, ultimately making us all more conscious of how our lifestyles and actions impact the environment.

3. Sustainable Lifestyle - Sustainability spans from the individual to the community to the planet. We hope that during a personalized experience with a Cairn Guide, you walk away with the confidence and knowledge about this interconnectedness and how nature relates to your unique lifestyle. By increasing familiarity and confidence in outdoor activities, Cairn Guides helps you find an affordable and effective way to manage personal health through the lens of nature.


These lifestyle changes span beyond the trail, impacting individual and community health, local environment, cultivate environmental stewards, and further developing an ability to seek nature’s beauty in everyday life. Ultimately equipping you to lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in your own independent adventures.

4. Community - Our community is like the quaking aspens, we are kind, strong, and our roots deep. We aspire to develop a network of guides and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the nation that advocates for public health and protecting the environment. This community of compassionate people understands how interconnected we all are, and reevaluates what a natural place is in their local environment. A community that promotes the conservation of their lifestyles, local natural places, and local businesses with the intent to better the world. 

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Founder, Jordan, moved out to Colorado after wrapping up 5 years of research, in search of something new. Initially, he had no house, job, or real plan. While living out of his car he was awed by Colorado's wondrous landscapes, mountains, and people. Since then he has spent the majority of his time hiking throughout Colorado while helping those experiencing mental health issues at a local psychiatric hospital.

These collaborative experiences are what inspired him to create Cairn Guides. With hopes to improve the nation's public health, specifically mental health, provide opportunities for individuals to learn some of the fundamentals of outdoor activities, and inspiring others to continue to pursue and experience unforgettable moments in the wilderness.

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