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Life was meant for good friends and great adventures

Guides help you explore more and stress less by using their local knowledge to customize adventures based on your interest and abilities. This flexibility can result in a reduction or increase of their starting rate, so we encourage you to message any guide to let them know what you're looking for and learn what options are available.


Learn more about our Flex Plan to make things even more affordable, which you can opt in for at checkout.


Wild Woman Coaching

Women-Specific Hiking Guide - Denver


The mindset that gets you out of the house and onto a trail is a powerful one and can be useful in so many other areas of life. Hiking has lessons to offer in determination, resilience, flexibility and confidence and nature provides an ideal environment for authentic connection. Laura uses her expertise as an adventure mindset coach to bring together coaching concepts and hiking to create a fun, social and mindful outdoor experience.


Lillia Grupe

Hiking Guide -Winter Park

Starting Rate: $40/Person

Reach new heights and follow your dreams with Lillia! If you are interested in climbing a mountain or finding the coolest alpine lake or frolicking through wildflowers, Lillia is your girl. She has spent several years exploring Colorado and all of its beauty and she cannot wait to share the magic with others! Book with Lillia today.


Benya B.

Hiking Guide - Boulder

Starting Rate: $40/Person

Not your typical hike! This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and connect deeply with the environment through all your senses. Beyond trails and viewpoints, Benya offers highly personalized, playful, and meditative experiences in nature to help you step out of your mind and into your body for powerful shifts in perspective.

jordan profile_edited.jpg

Jordan Larson

Founder - Boulder

Starting Rate: $45/person

Jordan started the company with the intention of sharing incredible outdoor experiences with people to promote mental health, increase knowledge around outdoor activities, and improve society as a whole.

Message me what you're interested in seeing or experiencing and I'll take care of the rest.



Hiking Guide - Boulder

Starting Rate: $45/person

Mac has been exploring the mountains of Colorado since he was just a puppy. Whether it's wandering through a forest or climbing a 14er, Mac helps make the most of any outdoor experience with his smile and friendly personality.

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