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Jordan Larson

Founder/Hiking Guide - Boulder

Jordan started the company with the intention of sharing incredible outdoor experiences with people to promote mental health, increase knowledge around outdoor activities, and improve society as a whole.

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Kevin Meyer

Hiking Guide - Boulder

Starting Rate: $75/Person

Kevin is a Colorado Native that has been exploring the mountains of Colorado the last 20 years. He's been a hiking guide in Boulder for the last 5 years and would love to show you an amazing experience!

Availability: Mon and Fri All Day/ Tue and Thur after 9 AM

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Hiking Guide - Boulder

Starting Rate: $50/person

Mac has been exploring the mountains of Colorado since he was just a puppy. Whether it's wandering through a forest or climbing a 14er, Mac helps make the most of any outdoor experience with his smile and friendly personality.

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Whitney Doiron

Hiking/Trail Running Guide - Boulder

Starting Rate: $40/Person

Full-time Physical Therapist, the rest of the time, a self-described fresh air addict. Whitney loves to engage in all the fun outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. So whether you're hiking or running, Whitney will help make sure you catch some epic mountain views and can plan for modifications if needed!

Availability: Fri and Sun All Day / Contact for Other Availability

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Lillia Grupe

Hiking Guide -Winter Park

Starting Rate: $30/Person

Lillia Specializes in crafting hiking experiences in the Grand County area for all experience levels. Laughter and views are the name of her game!

Availability: Sun-Tues All day/ Wed-Say Until 11 AM 

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Ben Wells

Hiking/Trail Running Guide - Colorado Springs

Starting Rate: $40/person

Looking for someone to plan a wild unforgettable trip? Or maybe a mellow hike up a local mountain? My favorite thing in the world is connecting others to the outdoors through wild, growth focused trips and I'd be thrilled to have you!

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Customized Hike

Have a hike in mind such as a classic Colorado mountain? Maybe a more relaxing hike that is lesser-known? Contact our guides today to discuss feasibility of completing the adventure you've always dreamed of or never had time to plan.

Start the Morning with a Sunrise Hike

A moderately difficult hike with iconic views of the flatirons, lush forests, and city of Boulder. This hike is great for all ages and despite its short distance makes you feel as if you've gone to another world! Sign up and catch the sunrise over Boulder!

Boulder Classic Hike

A Boulder classic! A 4.5 mile hike that is very popular throughout the year that stimulates nearly all the senses with views of the continental divide, wildflowers, and potential to see wildlife.

Hike the Tallest Peak in Boulder

Just outside of Eldorado Springs is South Boulder Peak. A strenuous hike that gets you to the highest point in Boulder. A very challenging hike that allows you to see a myriad of wild flowers, mountain streams, and the Continental Divide.

Sunset Hike

A gentle loop that looks to the west, allowing you to catch the sunset across Colorado's pine forests and rocky mountains. This hike is great for all ages and despite its short distance makes you feel as if you've gone to another world.

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