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Nordic Ski - Telluride, CO

If you’re looking for unique adventure on skis but you are not an alpine skier, you might be a candidate for backcountry cross-country skiing.

The skis are designed for accessing a lot of different terrains, built light and with metal edges and a wax-less base that includes a skin patch for added traction up hill. We traverse lower foothills or high alpine meadows where you’ll feel agile and safe — in all kind of snow conditions.


The style of movement is almost identical to classic skiing, with a kick and glide phase, while keeping your skis parallel. The difference is backcountry skis are wider and feel more comfortable in deep and fresh snow conditions, rather than in parallel tracks. This is the most traditional form of Nordic Skiing and it’s the perfect way to experience the beauty of the San Juan Mountains in winter.

- 1 person - $275 
- 2-3 people - $165 per person
- 4-8 people -  $125 per person


We highly recommend contacting your guide before booking to ensure they are able to find the best adventure for you. Our local guides have extensive knowledge of their area, so an email or phone call is the best way to plan, coordinate, and address any questions you may have.

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