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Flex Plan

We hope to one day have insurance companies help cover guided outdoor activities as there are a multitude of benefits that nature, exercise, and social settings offer. Since we are still working on making that happen, we have created our own way to make outdoor experiences incredibly affordable and more accessible to people of all walks of life.

To illustrate how it works, imagine you booked a rock climbing or hiking session for you and your friend, which the total cost for was $100. You decide to opt-in for the Flex Plan at checkout, so you would only pay $25 at checkout. Two weeks later you are charged an additional $25, and another $25 two weeks later, and your last payment of $25 would be another two weeks later. Check out the illustration below to also see how it works


The primary goals of the Flex Plan are:

  • Improve access

  • Diversify the outdoors

  • Relieve financial stress

  • Get more people outdoors

If you would like to opt in for the Flex plan, you can simply check the box next to "Flex Plan" during checkout​ and we will take care of the rest!

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