What is a Cairn Guide?

Cairn Guides are local outdoor experts that optimize the health benefits of getting outdoors by providing individualized treatment for each adventure. This could include hiking, fly fishing, trail running, outdoor yoga, rock climbing, SUP, nature photography, or some other outdoor activity.

We want guides to bring their own personal experiences and passions to each adventure to create unique experiences. Moreover, we expect guides to give a personalized touch to every adventure by crafting adventures for the client, like individualized treatment in healthcare. By "exploring like a local" you offer unique opportunities and experiences people may otherwise not know about, further enhancing their experience. The ultimate goal being to get more people outside to lead a healthy life and develop a stronger connection to nature because those that feel connected to their environment are more likely to take care of it.

We also greatly value our guides and their communities, so we use a 90/10 pay structure that is meant to directly support them, instead of large corporations. One of our many goals is to invest money directly in both locals and their communities to create personal and local economic growth. 

It's important to note that we do require all Cairn Guides to obtain and possess the necessary permits/certifications for the area and activity guiding in and their own liability insurance.

We want to have Cairn Guides all over the United States, so if you want to help create a healthier world, fight the climate crisis, or both, complete our short application and we'll contact you soon!​