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Guides help you explore more and stress less by using their local knowledge to customize adventures based on your interest and abilities. This flexibility can result in a reduction or increase of their starting rate, so we encourage you to message any guide to let them know what you're looking for and learn what options are available.


Learn more about our Flex Plan to make things even more affordable, which you can opt in for at checkout.

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Denver Mountain Guiding 

Rock Climbing Guides - Boulder, CO

Starting Rate $65/person

We are dedicated to helping our customers fulfill their Colorado climbing desires in a fun, affordable, and memorable way. Our goal is to allow our customers to push their limits in the mountains with the guidance of their own personal trained, certified, and insured climbing guide.


Offering a wide variety of options in areas such as Eldorado Canyon State Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Clear Creek Canyon, Boulder OSMNP (Flatirons), Moab, Indian Creek, or Rifle Mountain Park. This is a great way to connect with guides, explore more areas, and make the most of your rock climbing experiences.

Please call 303-884-2755 or 404-218-3097, if trying to book for the next day.


Half Day

  • 4+ $65/person

  • 3 people $75/person

  • 2 people $110/person

  • 1 person $190/person

Full Day

  • 4+ $100/person

  • 3 people $125/person

  • 2 person $175/person

  • 1 person $300/person


Smile Mountain Guides 

Rock Climbing Guides - Boulder/Golden, CO

Starting Rate $200/person

Smile Mountain Guides is thinking different. Inspiring growth and exploration in the mountains helps build a strong community of knowledgeable climbers, adventurers, and guides by fostering their passion and education.

The Flatirons flank Boulder and have a long history within its’ community. With an abundance of climbing of all difficulty levels, great views, and high-quality rock, you’re always in for a great day out! We encourage you to contact Smile Mountain Guides before booking, so they can help find the perfect climbing experience for you.

Please expect this course to be primarily a climbing experience, which will also expose you to some important educational concepts. Our main focus is safe, fun climbing that creates an experience of a lifetime!

Denver Climbing Company 

Rock Climbing Guides - Denver/Boulder, CO

Starting Rate $99/person

Go outdoor rock climbing with your own professional mountain guide. No experience is required and all equipment is included.


We'll teach you the essential skills. Then spend most of your four-hour session climbing real rock cliffs.

4 Climbers - $99/person

3 Climbers - $119/person

2 Climbers - $149/person

1 Climber - $179/person

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