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Abisko Trekking Tights, The Perfect Adventure Pant?

I’m a yoga teacher who doesn’t like leggings. There, I said it. There’s always been something about them that rubbed me the wrong way. I had given up on leggings years ago. Until a friend peer pressured me into trying on a pair of FjallRaven Abisko Trekking Tights. Convinced I would hate them, I humored her by wearing them for a hike. And have barely taken them off since.

My other climbing pants don’t understand. They thought I would never put on a pair of leggings, and now here I am flaunting this relationship in their faces. It’s for good reason. FjallRaven has figured out the ratio that no other brand has. They realize that women’s bodies aren’t (always) straight. We have curves. We come in different shapes. Who knew? Until trying the Abiskos, I was never able to put a finger on what I didn’t like about leggings. But there it is! They aren’t designed to stay on a woman’s body.

The Abiskos are black magic. They have enough stretch in the waist band to fit over a pair of child-bearing-hips (that I have, despite no desire to bear children) while staying compressive around a small waist. With a compressive high waist, they actually stay up while you hike, climb, practice yoga, and do everything else in them. How has no brand figured out that ladies want to do stuff without their crack hanging out before now?

My one complaint is lack of sustainable sourcing on the Abiskos. Though FjallRaven is an industry leader on sustainability, these trekking tights are made of a virgin plastic blend. If they could address this sourcing issue and find a way to design the Abiskos with recycled materials, they’d fully have my heart.

Despite this oversight, pair the perfect and comfortable fit with a reinforced seat + knees and it’s a shock other companies are still making competitors. Climbing 5 days a week in the Abiskos (and hiking in them at least as many) for months on end and they are barely showing wear. The perfectly placed pockets allow me to stash a phone, wallet, map, and/or dog treats discreetly.

Though fashion is the lowest on my gear priority list, I can wear them out for a beer after a day at the crag and get more compliments than any other time. I’m sorry for judging you prior to meeting you, Abisko. I hope our relationship continues to thrive.

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