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Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible. Nothing unattainable. 

Kara Goucher, Olympic Long-Distance Runner

Josh Miller

Trail Running Guide - Boulder

Starting Rate: $60/person

Josh loves to push the limits of both mind and body by running 100 mile mountain ultra races. He loves sharing this philosophy and teaching others how they can use past adversity as a source of strength to do things one might never think was possible.


Availability: Fri, Sat, and Sun


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Flow Along Peak's Base - Length Varies

Run on a smooth carpet ride through mixed grassland/prairie and ponderosa pine savannah in the shadow of Boulder’s iconic peaks. Looking westward, great views of the Flatirons and front range peaks can be had. Simultaneously, vistas of the plains are on offer to the east. This route is perfect for any running ability and varies in length depending on the group.

Best Views of the Flatirons - 3.5 Miles

If you are yearning for wide open spaces and unobstructed views of the Flatirons, this is the perfect run for you. With a small amount of elevation gain, it’ll raise your heart rate, but you won’t be huffing and puffing. Enjoy some solitude, listen to nature’s sweet sounds, and take in the expansive views of Boulder peaks and the Flatirons.

Perfect Boulder Sunrise - 3.4 Miles

Experience a spectacular Boulder sunrise by making your way up one of Boulder’s iconic summits. A short and sweet run perfect for those wanting to take in the views without being drained at the top. Sanitas offers unobstructed views of the entirety of Boulder and it’s sibling 8,000 foot peaks to the South with an open expanse to the East for a perfect sunrise experience.

Run Boulder's Most Iconic Peak - 6 Miles

A “summit must” for those living and visiting Boulder.This strenuous run will keep your legs moving and your lungs pumping up a vertically intense route without even leaving town.Green Mountain provides amazing views of the Indian Peaks, nearby 14ers, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Romp the Boulder Skyline - Traverse 16.3 Miles

This route lets you see everything Boulder has to offer for mountain running by traversing the five tallest mountains in Boulder. This route has a large variety of terrain and offers the best views of Boulder and the Rocky Mountains. Due to the elevation gain and length of this route, we like to bring those up who have experience running in the mountains and/or have a good running base on their legs.

Customized Run - Length Varies

Have a run in mind? Possibly a 14er or 13er? Contact our guides today to discuss feasibility of completing that adventure you've always dreamed of or never had time to plan. Prices may vary depending on distance, supplies, preparation time, and expected time duration.

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